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Your personality and your workout - do they match?

My Tips on how to stay motivated even if you enjoy or don't enjoy working out!

I get asked so many times by my girlfriends near and far to give them tips on helping them keep their fitness goals on track and my secret is doing what I what I enjoy.

"Fitness Doesn't have to be boring"

There are some many exercise styles available today and so many platforms to access fitness, why be bored. When choosing a style, ask yourself:

  • Do I like to exercise alone or in a group? Consider group fitness based classes, joining a running/walking club or personal training or walking.

  • Do I like to be entertained? Have you considered #Zumba, #piloxing or #Jazzercise as they are high-energy, music pumping programs.

  • Do you prefer a structured program or more of a freestyle program? If you prefer structured programs consider barre or yoga classes or instructor led classes. If you prefer more freestyle programs, think programs like cycle classes or bootcamp style classes.

  • Do I like competition, whether it's competing against yourself or others? Consider programs like Crossfit, Orange Theory. They are great motivators to push you at your own pace.

Whatever you chose, find a program that fits your personality and make it work for you and don't be afraid to "mix it up" and trying something different. Remember girlfriends, have fun and commit to getting and staying fit.

Let's connect and get fit!

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