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The secret for positive training

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A simple yet powerful method to motivate yourself to exercise consistently.

We spend too much time beating ourselves up over exercising and workout. When we can change our mindset and focus on the health benefits of physical fitness, we can make it a positive training experience.

"Keeping a Fitness Log is key"

Fitness Journal is STILL Important

  • Set your intentions before any exercise session

  • Use a voice app or pen and paper to capture your intentions (goals) for the session

  • Capture how you feel before the exercise, what is motivating you to exercise or is demotivating you from exercising

  • After your workout listen or review your notes

  • Compare your post workout mood and energy to pre-workout and compare energy levels

  • Do this for every exercise session that you are struggling with, even on the days you are looking forward to moving

Why This Works

Once you've completed to exercise a few times you will begin to see a noticeable shift in mood. You are creating a behavioral loop in which you have taught your brain how to enhance mood and derive a powerful and positive effect from a single exercise effort.

Find Something that You Like

Whether it's cycling, weight training, walking dancing, do something that brings you join. This will offer a positive connection between movement and exercise. A single action that leaves you feeling better emotionally or mentally expands possibilities and generates hope. It also helps you reframe exercise and change it from a motivational challenge to a mood-transforming opportunity.

~ So Get Fit Girlfriend

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