Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

Self-Love on Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again where red hearts with arrows and baby cupids in diapers are floating around in all the stores. We look for those to love us on that very special day- Valentine’s Day. But who should we really be loving? Keep reading for my best ideas on how to self-love this Valentine’s Day.

What is Self-Love?

A lot of people are starting to tap into the self-love concept, especially women. We are starting to realize that the only way to true love, is through self-love. Now self-love should not be mistaken for selfishness, they are two entirely different things.

Self-love is looking out for your own well-being in mind, body, and soul. Click To Tweet

When you begin practicing acts of self-love, you begin to see changes in yourself. They may be in the way you feel, the way you think, or the way you interact with people in your everyday relationships. Self-love is a very powerful way to overcoming obstacles that keep us trapped by past burdens. Sometimes our burdens are far heavier than we realize and practicing self-love can allow us time to be kind to ourselves and take unrequited love back to our center.

Acts of Self-Love

Acts of self-love are endless. Essentially, they are any acts, tasks, or events that make you feel good. There are no right or wrong ideas, and there is no room for self judging or criticizing. Every year I like to come up with my own idea of self-love acts; things I like to do for myself when I am feeling down or need a bit of a pick-me-up.

Here is my list of self-love ideas:

  • Take a walk
  • Brain Dump
  • Deep breathing
  • Cross something off my my To-Do list
  • Show gratitude
  • Pay it forward
  • Yoga
  • Unplug for an hour (My favorite!)
  • Take a nap
  • Dance
  • Take a bath
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Volunteer
  • Be still and quiet
  • Get some sun
  • Meditate
  • Cry it out
  • Do a puzzle
  • Call a friend
  • Read [Follow me on Goodreads for future Book Club info]

My Perfect Self-Love Night

I always like to end with the way I like to do my own rituals, fitness routines, self-love, or meditation sessions. I will say that there are countless ways to show self-love and it needn’t be lengthy, elaborate, or extensive at all. A simple five minute activity can easily turn into a fifteen minute task. Something you plan to do for fifteen minutes may only last five. Taking the time to be present in the moment and really enjoy the self-love you are giving yourself is essential.

I love incorporating a few different elements of my self-love night. First I light some scented candles and draw my bath water. Depending on my need, I may include a muscle soak, a lavender oil, or something floral scented. For the ultimate feminine and floral experience I stick with anything rose scented. It’s very romantic and makes me feel loved. I drop a rose quartz and clear quartz crystal into my bath water to energetically charge my water with love. I make sure my playlist on spa music is going and my favorite book is handy.

Once I enter the tub I relax and meditate for about five minutes while repeating this matra:

I release all negativity and take in all that is love and happiness.

I then slowly come out of my meditation and begin reading my book. A bath is a great way to add the element of water into your life. Whenever you feel stressed, emotionally drained, or overwhelmed water can calm you and allow all the negativities to “wash” over you.

Anyway that you choose to love yourself this Valentine's Day will be special because it is your love. No one can love you the way you love yourself. Click To Tweet

How Do You Show Self-Love?

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