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Full Moon, Blue Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, Oh My!

I don’t know about you but my energy gets so strange the days leading up to a full moon. Starting about four or five days before the full moon, I have a major emotional, physical, and spiritual shift. Things seems to feel more intense than usual. Most of the times I just blame it on hormones, given the fact that my cycle is in sync with Luna.

My sleep pattern is also radically thrown off. My bed is right under a window, so for a while I liked to sleep with the shade up halfway. The moon is on a perfect angle for the moon light to hit my pillow. I always loved the idea of moon bathing and thought it was a perfect way to bask in the moon glow while I am asleep. Although after a few full moons of this ritual, I noticed my sleep was very disturbed. I get jostled awake at night and find myself compelled to gaze at the moon. Almost as if I am being drawn to it in my half asleep state. I even have conversations with myself confirming the beauty and the light that the moon exhibits. Aside from the incessant tossing and turning, I have these disruptive episodes at least four time a night.

Telescope Moon Photo

This is a beautiful shot of the Moon taken from a very good friend, Robyn Obadal’s telescope.

Janury 31, 2018: Full Moon Frenzy!

January 31, 2018 is going to be a whopper of a moon! A full moon, blue blood moon, and lunar eclipse. Some are are also calling this a SuperMoon, however according to the Farmer’s almanac, this moon does not meet the requirements of a SuperMoon. You can read more about the Farmer’s Almanac’s SuperMoon explanation here.

So let’s break down what this moon is all about.

Full Moon: The phase of the moon in which its whole disk is illuminated.

Blue Moon: The second full moon in a calendar month.

Blood Moon: The phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in color as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar Eclipse: An eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth’s shadow.

One interesting piece of information that seems to be overlooked is the Black Moon. A Black Moon occurs when there is no full moon present in the month of February. This happens roughly every 20 years, with the last being in 1999. We have two full moons in January skipping over February and our next is in March. Welcome back Black Moon, it’s been a long time!

What I Am Doing to Maximize This Spectacular Moon?

I love doing rituals and cleansings during new and full moons. The more direct an impactful the moon is on civilization, the more we can extract energy from it. Here are my plans for creating a wonderful experience for this full moon:

  • 45 minutes in the morning to complete a Self Reiki session
  • 15 minutes in the afternoon for a clearing meditation
  • Gather my crystals that will benefit by the moonlight charge
    • Crystals that I have clustered for medicine bags or specific intentions are put into a twist tie plastic bag where all the crystals can be exposed to the light. Then I lay the remaining crystals in a shallow glass baking dish. I cover it with plastic wrap and place it on the porch overnight. First thing in the morning, I bring the dish in and leave the crystals to calm down. Occasionally you can feel the buzz around the glass dish, which is why I like to leave my crystals alone for a while.
  • Ritual cleanse my house and crystals with a special blend of herbs
  • Write down intentions to manifest; place the paper in my Manifestation Chest
  • Burn Moon incense, a white candle, and anoint myself with Goddess Anointing Oil
  • In the evening, as late as I can stay up for, I do an intentional meditation to absorb the energy the moon has to give.
  • Since I know my sleep pattern will be a little shaken, when I do stir awake I will look at the moon and recite a small prayer to Luna:

Thank you Luna for shining down and enveloping me in your loving glow. May the intentions I set be blessed by your beauty, abundance, and love. Amen, A’Ho, So it is.

These are things that I plan on doing for this next moon. Feel free to follow the same ritual, or choose one or two things from the list to make your own. Regardless if you do one thing or all of them, showing gratitude to Luna is comforting. The energy the moon gives off, should be utilized and manifested in the best of ways to serve you and your higher good.

So enjoy this Full, Blue, Blood, Black, Lunar Eclipsed Moon!!

What is Your Full Moon Ritual?



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