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Here We Go Again

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It’s so amazing how one can find no time, when there is time, even though they really don’t have the time. I have wanted to get back into my blog for months. MONTHS I tell you! I haven’t written here since February 2018. And amongst the sheer disappointment of everything I do always coming to a complete halt, this blog was no different.

Sometime last week (I think it was last week) I opened up WordPress as I began writing an article for an online magazine- more on that another time. I decided to take a look at my blog. Because ya know, someone was going to miraculously start writing posts, and it was going to be transformed overnight without me even so much as opening the app in all those months.

I realized that at one time I had enough time to do something that I loved, which was blogging. I did it when my son was much younger than he is now. They say it gets easier as they get older, but whoever “they” are, are simply assholes. I am in more demand now with my son being six, than I was when he was two. I mean yea, a lot has changed. My life is different. Different people. Jobs. Locations. Different. But why does my love for writing on my blog have to take a backseat to everything?

I’ll admit, when I originally had my blog, The Get Fit Mom, I dedicated hours to social media, content, graphics, and really connecting with my readers. When I look back I can see that I had so many “friends” in the blogosphere, but none here on earth. Now the tables have turned. I have a ton of people in my life, and not even a smidge of an online prescence. I am literally writing right now to make myself feel better. You should feel honored actually, this here post is comparable to a diary entry.

I think the pressure for me to write on my blog comes from the need to be where I was at before. I looked like a blogger, and lived like a blogger.

But right now, I am a writer.

And I think that is a hard pill to swallow. If I want to start doing something, I have to start doing some thing. So here is yet another baby step to moving toward something that I want.


Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

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Self-Love on Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again where red hearts with arrows and baby cupids in diapers are floating around in all the stores. We look for those to love us on that very special day- Valentine’s Day. But who should we really be loving? Keep reading for my best ideas on how to self-love this Valentine’s Day.

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Getting on the Blog: Making Today My Day

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I’m beginning to get more involved in my blog. I am creating a layout, designing logos, and making all the necessary changes. I want to ensure that my reader base is given the best opportunity to learn information. We can cultivate a community of knowledge and inspiration. When I had my previous blog a few years back, I had all these big ideas. Few of them came to fruition. Knowing what I know now is making it easier for me to get this blog rolling. In the meantime, my hands are itching to type away, and I can feel my camera staring at me from across the table. It’s just waiting for the snapshots to be posted.
Instead of being one of those people who wait until the perfect time to start posting things, I am going to be that person that just does it. I am going to bring you content while I get my blog fairies in a row. And that’s just fine. Once everything comes together I can celebrate with a official launch party.

Until then….


A Work in Progress….

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2018 is rolling in and fast. In a previous time not long before, I had a blog, you may or may not have heard of; The Get Fit Mom. Since then, I have abandoned the blog, blogging lifestyle, and the title. I have always held blogging as a huge interest of mine. I miss the photo ops, articles, reviews, and community that was cultivated.

The latter part of 2017 got me thinking about getting back into something that I had so much pride for. Something that I enjoyed doing on a regular basis, and something that was an extension to my personality. So as the bells rang in the new year, so did my ambition to become a part of the blogosphere once again.

Of course my usual posse of supporters were excited to hear that I am getting my ball rolling once again. So here I am. Designing. Writing. Tapping and clicking away to a new blog in this new year.