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A Work in Progress….

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2018 is rolling in and fast. In a previous time not long before, I had a blog, you may or may not have heard of; The Get Fit Mom. Since then, I have abandoned the blog, blogging lifestyle, and the title. I have always held blogging as a huge interest of mine. I miss the photo ops, articles, reviews, and community that was cultivated.

The latter part of 2017 got me thinking about getting back into something that I had so much pride for. Something that I enjoyed doing on a regular basis, and something that was an extension to my personality. So as the bells rang in the new year, so did my ambition to become a part of the blogosphere once again.

Of course my usual posse of supporters were excited to hear that I am getting my ball rolling once again. So here I am. Designing. Writing. Tapping and clicking away to a new blog in this new year.